Autism fun: Kinetic Sand

I am always on the look out for some fun stuff to do with my #4. Admittedly, all the kiddos join in. Yes, even #1 the cool 16-year-old.

My #2 used to have “moon sand”. It was cheap for a bunch of colors. Definitely messy, BUT kept her occupied for extended periods of time. It never dried out. However, the kids do spill it therefore you lose it along the way.  I actually used what I had left with #3. I didn’t plan on a #4 so I donated some of our things to other mommas in need of help. Without any to be found, I went on the hunt once again for moon sand.

I could not believe the price!!! YIKES!!!! Now it’s fancy and called kinetic sand. I went on the search for a DIY recipe. There is alot out there. Even ones to add color. However, I am a simple person. The easier the better.

8 cups of flour + 1 cup of baby oil

That’s it. That simple.

At first when you mix it together, the flour gets a little discoloration. But just keep mixing!! It will turn out fine!! I made 10 lbs!!!

It hasn’t dried out at all. I keep it in a dollar store container with a lid. To play in it, we just used items we already had around the house!

Try it out!! Hours of fun!!



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