grief · life after loss · my sister

Ordinary days are the most precious

Every one is looking for that perfect getaway. The best vacation. The trip that is going to make the most and greatest memories. It seems as though precious moments have to be planned. They have to involve the precise mixture of perfect or it’s just ordinary.

When you lose someone, you just want another ordinary day. A day where the typical monotony has set in. A day that doesn’t result in loads of pictures. There are no Facebook posts. No tweets. No thoughts of Snapchat, Instagram, etc. It’s just everybody sitting around. 

It’s a regular old boring day. 

Until they die.

Then those days are everything. 

Those days are essential to creating the deep bonds we feel in our hearts and remember in our mind.Those ordinary days become the biggest, brightest, most important memories. 

This week has been a flood of ordinary days assaulting my mind. Moments of nothing special that now mean the world to me. 

My sister sitting next to me in the car.

My sister just being at my house. 

Honestly, just being in her presence watching her do ordinary things. Brushing her hair. Painting her nails. Putting on tri-colored eye shadow. A smile. A laugh. A mad face. 

Just seeing her be her. It wasn’t anything special until I never got to see it again. 

Don’t overlook the important of ordinary. The ordinary days are the most precious. 


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