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Grief burst

Tonight, I went to see Sister Act the Musical with #1 and #2 at the local high school. We were all excited. Musicals are something the three of us can all agree on.

The show was fantastic!! Live music. Great singers. A lively audience. I had the best time with my two oldest. We decided to go to all the musical from now on.

During the second act, I had a grief burst. A breakdown when everything is fine. A breakdown out of no where. I didn’t sob. I didn’t make a peep. Instead, the tears flowed. Big giant globes of water slide down my face, soaking my shirt. I couldn’t stop them. Nobody noticed. It was just me and my grief.

I know anything can cause grief to surface.

I know everything can cause grief to rear its ugly head.

Tonight, it was a song from a musical that I had never heard.

Below are the excerpts that got me. So many tears, all because of the words in this song. 


I’ve got my sisters by my side.
I’ve got my sisters’ love and pride.
And in my sisters’ eyes
I recognize the star I want to be.
And with my sisters standing strong,
I’m on the stage where I belong.
And nothing’s ever gonna change that fact.
I’m part of one terrific sister act.
I’ll have my sisters with me still,
I’ll have my sisters, always will.
And with my sisters’ love,
no star above will shine as
bright as me.
And as a sister and a friend,
I’ll be a sister ‘til the end,
and no one on this earth can
change that fact –
I’m part of one terrific sister act.


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