grief · life after loss · love · my sister

Without love

​Krys  there is nowhere on this planet I would rather be than walking each step with you. The big moments we share in life will be both good and bad, happy and sad. We will look back at this moment in 10 years, it will just be another time where we both realized how strong an unbreakable our bond is. (Even when we get mad at each other)

I love u Katy n glad that u r with me every step of the way…I guess u deserve a lifetime achievement sister award lol 😉 🙂 ❤

I look at this just a year later, not 10. Looking back at the last year of your life. The last year we would spend together. All I see is love. All I knew was love. 

Yes, we got mad at each other. Yes, there was so much sadness. All of life’s normal emotions were there. Love was the underlined emotion to all of it. 

There wouldn’t be anger without love. 

There wouldn’t be yelling without love.

There wouldn’t have been sadness without love.

There wouldn’t have been anything without our love.

Every step we took together was so full of love. 


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