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Noise cancelling earmuffs

In  wonderful world of autism at our house, noise cancelling earmuffs are a must! We needed them for two children for different uses.

My 13-year-old needs them to drown out all the other sounds EXCEPT for what she is listening to on her ear buds.

My 3-year-old needs them to stop ALL the sounds around her in the world.

We went through LOTS of brands.

Too small. Too tight. Too rough. Not quiet enough.

Then while scouring, I ran across the SNUG brand. They were inexpensive.  They came in different colors. (That’s a big deal in this house). I figured, what could it hurt?

These noise cancelling earmuffs work great for us!!! They are soft. DURABLE!!! Yes they have been dropped, thrown, you name it, it’s happened! They are both still in great condition after months of use.

I highly recommend these to anyone that is looking for inexpensive sound reduction in their autism home!


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