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Mash’ems are a water filled soft pliable toy.


Easy to find.

Come in a WIDE variety of characters.

They are reasonably priced. Usually around $3 or $4 a piece.


If you have a biter or chewer that bites or chews ANYTHING, these are a bad choice. They will leak immediately if bitten.  Different characters are more durable than others.

Some of the characters (Ninja turtles in our experience) burst within minutes of opening. Other characters (Paw patrol & Thomas) will last for months.

If you have pets, mash’ems do collect hair easy. BUT wash off easily.

The colors start to wear off over long periods of use. My 13 year old has worn the colors off quite a few of hers. (But of course we have to keep them.)


When it comes down to it, get one and try it. If it doesn’t work for your house, it only cost $3. It’s a cheap trial & error fidget toy!!



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